Friday, 12 February 2016

Love is in the air and do we have some matches made in heaven....

Mr W - GSOH, Solvent & longing for a three bedroom detached soul mate enjoying long walks around Lawnswood & Kingswinford. Around £260,000

Immediate rendezvous required.

Mr P - WLTV petite two or three bedroom pad enjoying a fondness for Pedmore and Wollescote . Around £140,000
                                                                                                                                                      Broadminded, ready & very willing.

Mrs R - Seeks something very special for serious long term love affair. A preference for shacking up in & around Hagley or Oldswinford. Around £430,000

Willing to pay well for max happiness.

These people need your help to bring them the happiness they deserve. All enquiries in strict confidence and sympathetically considered in order to ensure the relationship is given every opportunity to blossom.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Waiting for the right house to come along before you go to market can prove a risky strategy….

I frequently find that fate or some greater power with a dubious sense of humour enjoys playing games with us when it comes to moving home! The object of our desire, property wise, only seems to show itself at precisely the worst possible moment. And timing is everything, especially at this time of the year. So what’s the solution?

As ever, it’s not rocket science. In the first place, if it’s your dream home, you can bet it’s someone else’s too, so you will have competition. Given that the later Spring season favours those homes with larger gardens, many will not come to market until Easter when daffodils and bulbs are in full bloom. To move to the head of the queue, take advantage of the market now to find your buyer. It’s a less pressured process and with fewer properties for sale than in later months, there is no lack of hardcore buyers keen to do business and pay a sensible price. And with a committed buyer lined up, the playing field is distinctly more level for you take up position at the front of the queue. It also puts you in touch with vendors who are keen only to show their home to those ready and able to move. Steps taken now could just bring that dream home a little closer, sooner.