Thursday, 8 December 2016

Are we the first agent to mention the 'C' word? It's not far away but don't assume that buyers aren't out there...

We’ve had lots of conversations with clients over the last few weeks keen to sell, but tending to assume that a New Year launch is their best option. So when we ask how they might feel if we found them a buyer before Christmas, it tends to focus their attention!
The truth is that as we close the doors for the last time before switching off the lights and skipping off to our office festivities, there is always some poor unfortunate being gently and politely ejected on to the pavement happily clutching an array of sales brochures. We like to think of them as our ‘hardcore buyers’ - they’re serious, and they are out there now!
Beat the bad weather that often heralds the New Year, prepare pre-decoration photos & sales brochures and let us introduce your home to our loyal hardcore buyers. There’s every chance that we might bring a little unexpected Christmas cheer to you and line you up to move earlier than you might have hoped.