Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Never standing still, our resolution for the New Year is to ensure our clients receive exceptional service and value for money…..

Another year gone and a selection of just a few of our favourite homes sold. They all had their own tale to tell and with many, it wasn’t just the house, but the vendor or the buyer’s journey that made them so memorable.

Over 2015, we’re delighted to have expanded our presence in and around Stourbridge, being instructed on even more new instructions, taking more offers and agreeing more sales than during an otherwise record breaking 2014!

Looking ahead to 2016, we will be championing new initiatives to make your move even more straightforward, offering an even wider selection of interesting homes - both second hand and brand new, as well as making certain that clients entrusting Lex Allan in the sale of their home receive a service that remains exceptional and offers superb value.

Finally we wish past, current and future clients as well as friends of Lex Allan a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Friday, 4 December 2015

Another 3% to pay if you’re ready to put spare cash into bricks & mortar for the future…

Last week’s Autumn statement brought into sharp focus the government’s need to raise additional revenue without touching the Holy Trinity of income tax, VAT or national insurance contributions and at the same time not upsetting large swathes of the electorate. So with second home ownership being embarassingly buoyant in and around Westminster, there lies a one billion pound solution.

Or is it? The extra three per cent stamp duty (in addition to the basic level) will hit ordinary landlords where it will hurt and not just in the wealthy hinterlands of the South East. With massive calls for additional social housing which the private rented sector props up more than any other agency, it will inevitably have repercussions. Rents may rise and in the longer term, the government may face calls to increase housing contributions as a result. There’s also a strong possibility of a rush to buy before next April 1st and with competition from first time buyers and supply at relatively low levels, prices could be pushed up. Time will tell in the end, but the jury is resoundingly out. For our Buy to Let propositions, go to and click Let to Buy.