Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The clocks are going back and a few simple ideas will keep your home looking good during the dark nights.

I’ve been showing buyers around empty properties again recently and even though the weather remains mild, stepping into some properties seems more like we are opening the door to a giant fridge. Older empty houses in particular need heating by now and I suggest now is the time to dust off the thermostat - an hour or two twice a day will work wonders, not only for your poor agent’s cold feet, but in encouraging your prospective buyer’s appreciation of your home. It will also stave off the misery of a burst pipe should temperatures plummet. Alternatively, ask the help of a plumber to drain the system - it’s a second best, but will cover you against costly water damage.

Before a viewing, take stock, pausing to make sure you have the right ambience, especially with lighting, although some homes with the right décor and character lend themselves well to after dark viewings. If yours is one, make the most of it - use candles (safely) for atmosphere, light an open fire or log burner for an instant hit. Check outside lights work so buyers reach the front door safely and don’t stray into your favourite rose bush instead. Rear lighting and clear garden paths will allow intrepid buyers to explore the garden.

And finally, invite your guests for a second visit in daylight, perhaps at the weekend to cement the deal.