Friday, 30 October 2015

With the clocks going back, a few simple ideas will keep your home on form for dark nights.

I’ve been showing buyers around a few empty properties recently and even though the weather remains mild, stepping into some properties seem more like we are opening the door to a giant fridge. Old houses in particular need heating and I suggest now is the time to dust off the thermostat - an hour or two twice a day will work wonders, not only for your agent’s cold feet, but your prospective buyer’s appreciation of your home.

Before a viewing, make sure lights are on. Some homes lend themselves well to after dark viewings, so if yours is one, make the most of it. Use candles (safely) for atmosphere, light an open fire or log burner for an instant hit. Check outside lights work so buyers reach the front door safely and don’t stray into your favourite rose bush instead. Rear lights and clear garden paths will allow intrepid buyers to explore the garden.

And finally, invite your guests for a second visit in daylight to cement the deal.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The online Estate Agent has support, but a ‘wait and see’ service just doesn’t deliver...

With a small fortune being spent on TV marketing, some backed by celebrity ‘property experts’, the writing is on the wall for the demise of the traditional High Street estate agent. Except we disagree!
For starters, a good High Street agent knows that one of their most valuable resources is their database of prospective buyers. The sales team know their buyers well enough to even line up viewings before the property reaches the internet start line.
It happened this week in Pedmore when we were invited to market a bungalow on behalf of vendors with a need for speed. An hour after our first visit, one of our team had targeted a ready buyer, lined up a viewing and negotiated a successful sale. Our buyers were delighted along with our vendors who could now pursue the home their sights were set on. Without the ability to proactively source buyers, ‘virtual’ agents that rely on a reactive ‘wait and see’ approach won’t deliver the targeted, effective service that Lex Allan and our established professional colleagues continue to provide by virtue of knowing not only their clients, but their buyers too.



Thursday, 15 October 2015

Success isn’t achieved by radical means, just by doing it right…

It was approaching a year on the market and their house was still for sale by another agent. With little effort being made to try anything new the couple from Quarry Bank decided radical action was needed and they asked us to take a look at the situation and come up with a plan. After a good look around, we discussed their experience to date, looked at what was for sale and selling nearby and suggested a plan of action.
It wasn’t radical though, just common sense - well planned estate agency with attention to detail. There was no price reduction, but last year’s snowy photos had to go in favour of fresh well staged shots that showed the real benefits of the home with a description to suit. We searched our database, hit online and spread the word to buyers who viewed similar homes with us. Deal done within a week. Happy vendor!