Monday, 21 March 2016

Smart players aren’t waiting for what may or may not happen, they’re going for it now!

With another budget done and dusted, it only leaves the Euro Referendum in June to look forward to! As a nation we are cautious, but whilst there might be two opposing arguments, there will only be one result and whatever that result, relief that it’s all over and for many institutions and homeowners alike, it will signal a green light to move forward.

Judging from the property market place we see in and around Stourbridge, our average buyer isn’t waiting to see what might or might not happen in a few months time. They’re out there and they have money to spend! Without doubt we are seeing a dynamic market fuelled by relatively low numbers of new instructions - a sellers market favouring vendors who have gone to market ahead of the crowd who will undoubtedly follow later in the year. 

There is a real chance to make the most of this current window of opportunity, with its impressive sale prices, great mortgage deals and a low pressure sales environment enabling forward thinking vendors to place themselves ahead of the game.