Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Curry, the Ultimate Winter Warmer!

Spring seems a long way away with the cold weather we have been having recently. Unfortunately, with the chilly nights comes the dreaded colds that seem to be making the rounds.

Before you resign yourself to a night in with a hot lemon drink and a box of tissues there may be another solution to help ease your cold… How does a curry sound?

Perhaps not the first thing you would think to do when you’re feeling under the weather, curry has been known to help ease the common cold. For it to take effect, you will have to swap a masala for a madras as it’s the spice which works wonders.

Backed by researchers, a spicy curry clears the airways and also helps to get rid of germs from the system.

As they say, variety is the spice of life and there is plenty of variety when it comes to quality curry houses. Hagley itself is home to two superb Indian restaurants Shenapur and The New Delhi, a sure-fire way to start a good debate is to ask a local which they prefer!

The neighbouring villages also have their own offerings, Clent has the picturesque Jaipur Cottage, located by the stunning St Leonards Church and Belbroughton features the highly regarded Five Spice Restaurant.

With an array of fantastic restaurants to choose from, ill or not a curry is always a good idea!

The staff at the Lex Allan Grove Village offices in Hagley are all local people, so why not pop in to see them and find out which their favourite curry house is?

Lex Allan Grove Village
129 Worcester Road,
Hagley, Worcestershire DY9 0NN

01562 270270

Blog by Gabriella Sanghera
Lex Allan Grove Village


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