Friday, 29 May 2015

Now that you’ve sold, if time is of the essence - read on…

With your buyer in place, deal done and all that worry over with - the rest is a breeze. Except, that it might just have been the easy bit…! After our sales memorandum rattles your letterbox, it’s the turn of your solicitor to send an even larger bundle. Like War & Peace, it’s lengthy, you may not like it or read it in one go, and thank goodness, it eventually comes to an end. How quickly you respond though can knock weeks off the process. The wise vendor will have selected their solicitor well in advance of finding the buyer, enabling them to prepare and forward contracts without delay. With a process that has many twists and turns, this is one aspect that you can influence from day one and take control of the outcome. Lex Allan understand the value of steering you in the right direction and are on hand at every step both before and after the sale is agreed.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Get it wrong - and a picture really will paint a thousand words…

A book showing the very worst efforts of estate agents to photograph homes did the rounds recently and hugely entertaining it was too. Extreme examples perhaps, but unlikely to help sell the houses. Don’t underestimate the power of the image though on high definition screen, in the agents window or newspaper advert. That two second glance could make the difference between a phone call to view  - or moving on. Presenting the best shots, perhaps where needed by a professional photographer, is the mark of an estate agent who understands the power of the lens in persuading the buyer to view.  For a better chance to sell with an agent who understands the ‘bigger picture’, call Lex Allan.

Friday, 15 May 2015

The public were holding their breath last week - now we’re on the up!

As a seasoned veteran of many an election outcome, my wise colleague Mr Allan commented last week that we were enjoying a “stable, vibrant and positive property market”. Following a resoundingly positive result at the polls, there’s no doubting the impact of  the public’s desire for continuity and  growth in the economy which we can confidently expect to spill over into the sales and lettings scene. And it hasn’t taken long! An eruption of viewings, valuations and offers from the weekend onwards has left us in no doubt that for many aspiring buyers and sellers, the last hint of uncertainty has been cast aside in favour of a ‘can do’ opportunity. If you want a ‘will do’ agent on your side, call Lex Allan today!