Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Value for money isn’t about the cheapest or the most expensive… It’s all about satisfaction.

A friend of mine bought a new car recently and was wowed by the way she was looked after. It wasn’t a particularly expensive car, but the flowers that were sat on the passenger seat and the warmth of the process and a request that she promise to come back to the showroom in a couple of weeks time to let them know how she was getting on made a big difference. She’s already planning her next car from the same people!

And that’s what matters. It’s not the badge on the car, nor the cost, but the help and support of the people behind the brand that really mattered.

I see the same principle every day in the house moving process and given the magnified stress and emotion that accompanies the event, it becomes even more important to offer an alternative to an average service and instead offer one that really stands out. If it costs a little more or not, that will be forgotten, because ultimately it’s the people behind our name who give more than they might, in order that their clients remember their move as being a pleasure and not just a process from which the scars will heal with time.
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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

It’s dull, dull dull! And that’s not just the weather forecast…

In preparing a home for marketing, a lot rides on the overall presentation that the public will see and read and its impact cannot be underestimated. I’ve frequently preached about getting the photos right, but what about the wording?

It’s easy to fall into classic ‘estate agent speak’, so it makes a refreshing change to tell it as it is and lay to rest some of the dull and outdated estate agent favourites. We want the description to be eye catching and interesting - a few considered words to capture the imagination and encourage the reader to go further. We’re not afraid to use humour as a means of capturing attention, so long as boundaries aren’t crossed, but regrettably some of our more inventive descriptions have not yet made it to print.

But the serious point is one of ensuring the property stands out amongst the many others it has to compete with, so that the buying public pick up the phone and view. Our hook lines can occasionally run to the ‘cheesy’ even, but we make no apology for bringing a smile not only to the the reader, but also to our client when we arrange the viewing that may sell their home.