Thursday, 23 July 2015

Money is cheap to borrow - but for how much longer?

With the Bank of England base rate at its lowest for six years, Governor Mark Carney has indicated our economy is sufficiently robust to accept some gradual increase over the coming period. As light follows day, and bankers being bankers, one thing is certain - mortgage rates will rise! Let’s not panic though - the deals are still good compared with historic levels with higher rates unlikely to be excessive. But it does seem to indicate that the next few months offers an opportunity to new buyers, investors and home owners alike to explore the best deals while they are still available. Lex Allan offers a mortgage health check to ensure you won’t pay over the odds and secure the deal that’s best for you - now.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

“We sometimes wondered whose side our agent was on…”

The house selling process, stressful at the best of times - up there with death and divorce no less - means that you rely on your estate agent to do the right thing, steer you wisely and advise what’s best for you. So here’s the rub - in the course of discussing client’s past experiences, I often hear the phrase "we sometimes wondered whose side he was on". Heavy handed persuasion in discussing a lower asking price, accepting a lower than hoped for offer, or renegotiating price post survey can all be perceived as an agent backing the wrong side if poorly approached. It’s rare for an agent not to act in his client’s best interest and the best way forward is not always the easiest. Time taken to explain and clarity of outcome is the only option.